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  • “Convenient, ergonomic and reliable.”

    Pascal Auger
    Procurement Manager at Vitogaz

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Best Practices: KONE

Mr. Patrick Beyer, Senior Sourcing Advisor at KONE International shares his vision for the future of fleet management. [...]

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Digital Future

Fleet management : the future is digital

Looking ahead is what any good business does to develop and thrive. And this applies to fleet and transport as much as it does to any other business sector [...]

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Logo Gunnebo

Success Story: GUNNEBO

How Winflotte helps implementing fleet management best practices and achieve significant cost savings. [...]

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10 ways communicate

10 ways to communicate your value (Second part)

6. Focus on costs There is nothing more important to management than controlling and reducing costs. While an incremental increase in revenues returns only [...]

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10 ways communicate

10 ways to communicate your value (First part)

Just about every corporate department-level support function is fairly well understood by management. Whether it’s human resources, risk management, [...]

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Why defining and monitoring KPIs matter ?

KPIs are used in Business Intelligence to assess the present state of the business and to prescribe a course of action. The act of monitoring KPIs in real- [...]

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